We went for two days to Vienna. It was rather a spontanous decision and we didn’t pay much attention to scheduling our time there. To be honest, we were working in the mornings and in the afternoons and evenings we were sightseeing and visiting different pubs and restaurants. Once we had had a chance to spend an afternoon in Vienna and the only thing that we remembered was that wiener schnitzel was very expensive as well as the fact that in terms of architecture Vienna is beautiful.


We stayed in a rented flat, not far from the city center but only with few tourists. There were a lot of groceries in the neighbourhood, thus, each day we bought a few things to prepare tasty breakfast. For example, for 2 pretzels, 2 rolls, hummus and avocado we paid 5 euros.

breakfast vienna

As I mentioned, we were working during a day. Our trip to Vienna wasn’t a typical holiday trip. We left sightseeing and discovering different tastes of Vienna for afternoons and evenings.

work Bartek

Vienna is surprising. First and foremost, the architecture, which amazes with its beauty and grandness. The neighbourhood with monuments is really large and strolling through it is magical. No matter, whether it is during a day or at night- the buldings, sculptures or fountains are impressive.

vienna night

vienna night

We ate our first dinner in Swing Kitchen, which is a vegetarian restaurants. We came to Vienna late in the evening and we wanted to eat dinner in a place close to our rented flat. I had a burger a’la wiener schnitzel :) as well as coleslaw, and I can admit it was really good. For one set: a burger, a salad and a drink- we paid 9 euros.

burger wege

Our first experience with traditional, Austrian baked foods wasn’t satisfying. I rarely write about places that disappointed us. Since we visited a pastry shop, which has a lot of positive opinions, and it turned out that cakes were simply tasteless, my suggestion is : if you visit Vienna and you look for a pastry shop, don’t go to Froemmels Konditorei. Traditional Sachera cake turned out to be dry and a cake with eggnog wasn’t fresh.



Gerstner pastry shop, made a totally different impression on us. Not only cakes, cookies, cupcakes and coffe are exquisite, but also the decor impressed us. We got the impression that there are two types of decor in Vienna: truly aristocratic with splendor or tacky and untidy.


gerstner interior

gestner vienna

Gerstner pastry shop is definitely worth visiting! Sachera cake, cherry strudel, chocolate moose with pear and strawberry cupcake- they all were absolutely divine, and one cost around 4 euros. Obviuously, cake goes with coffe :) one latte or cappucino- around 5 euros.

gestner cafe

cupcake gestner

gestner cake

coffee gestner


Another pastry shop worth visiting is Cafe Diglas, a place which prides itself on 140-year tradition. Apart from confectionery, it also serves dinners, however, the prices of them are very high. For instance, a wiener schnitzel costs 24 euros, and its taste doesn’t differ much from the ones served in a different place (read on). The baked foods are tasty and the decor is pleasent. You will find 4 Cafe Diglas in Vienna and they all are located in the historic city center.

sacher cake

cafe diglas

diglas vienna

strudel diglas

As far as schnitzels are concerned: while in Vienna, you have to try a good schnitzel! We found a place, which serves fantastic schnitzels, what is more, for a reasonable price. It’s Schnitzelwirt. If you decide to go there, you have to take into consideration a few things. It isn’t located in the strict city center, which definitely has an influence on the prices. A typical schnitzel with a traditional potato salad costs 10 euros. Moreover, the interior design isn’t encouriging. To be honest, if we hadn’t known that they serve one of the best schnitzels in Vienna, we propably would have left after seeing the interior design. Outside looks quite nice, but the inside was suitable 50 years ago :)

diglas vienna


But food is what counts, and I have to admit that the way it is served is excellent. Nobody puts finishing touches for your plate to look perfect. However, the moment you try the schnitzel and the potato salad, it doesn’t matter anymore.


wiener schnitzel

By the way, here you will find the recipe for traditional wiener schnitzel and potato salad.

The last place is an absolute phenomenon. A small place called Kolar, hidden among winding street of the Old Town. There was a moment when we doubted if the place even exists. At the last moment, we noticed the logo, opened the door and saw plenty of people, talking loudly, and in the air there was a smell of a wood-fired stove. This place is famous for serving traditional pita bread (flatbread), which is toasted on the stove and stuffed with various fillings. On the menu, there are 40 different possibilities, and the cost of every pita bread is between 5 and 7 euros (for a big one).

potato salad


Vienna has captivated us with its architecture. Unquestionably, it is one of the most beautiful cities.


We were under the impression, that in culinary terms, Vienna has ‘’rested on its laurels’’. It is often said that the service and waiters in Vienna, neglect ensuring pleasent atmoshere. You also have to devote time to find delicous food. There is a brasserie on almost every corner and if you add to it good food and cosy interior, Vienna might be not only one of the most beautiful but also the tasiest city.

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