Are you planning on going to Lvov for the weekend? Are you thinking whether it is worth visiting? What are the prices? You can see what this place looks like, below we have listed all the places, in which we ate and recommend them.I’m sure that a weekend in Lvov or a few days spent there will be something to remember. Beautiful city, kind people and very tasty food!


Restaurants which we have visited (currency 1PLN = 7 UAH):

  1. Drunken Cherry (“П'яна вишня”)A small restaurants next to the Marketplace, opposite the city council. We were captivated by the decoor: the celing is laid out with bottles and on the shelves along the wall there are demijohns filled with cherry liquers. Thre are only a few high tables and no place to sit. It gets very crowded in the evenings. A great place with terrific cherry liquer. 100ml glass - 5 zl. How to get to

  2. Galician baked goods in "Lvivski pljacky", which serves strudel, sweet and unsweet ones. They are made on the spot, the most popular is the cherry strudel. How to get to

  3. A shop and a pastry shop "Львівська майстерня шоколаду". Lvovian chocolate is made here and is as good as Belgian or Swiss one. You will see a small bakery, where chocolate pralines are made by bakers. Apart from cafe, there is also a shop, where you can buy a sweet souvenir. A cup of milk or dark chocolate with whipped cream and cardamon - around 9 zl How to get to

  4. "Scottish’’ Restaurant, is a place where we ate qiuck lunch. We ordered a salad with tuna, shrimps with spicy sauce and 2 freshly squeezed juices. We paid for everything 60zl. It was the most expensive place we have been to during our stay in Lvov. How to get to

  5. Sushi Banzai. We ordered here 5 sushi rolls, a salad with salmon, a miso soup, a jug of tea, and we paid for everything 120zl. The sushi was very good, especially with baked eel. Pleasent decor and staff. We have vistited this place to have a break from typical meat dishes. How to get to

  6. “Khinkalʹnya’’ is a Georgian restaurants, which serves traditional khinkali, dumplings stuffed with meat or cheese or khachapuri, which is bread stuffed with cheese. For 2 khachapuri, 6 khinkali, eggplant spread, a soup and a compote we paid 50zl. Georgian cuisine is particularly popular in Lvov, so you have to try it. There is even a Polish menu availabe. How to get to

  7. Vegano Hooligano is an ideal place for lovers of vegeterian cuisine. Hummus with pita bread, fries with tomato sauce, a vegetarian burger and a seaberry tea- it all cost 25zl. It was one of the best burgers and hummus I have ever eaten.! How to get to

  8. Puzata Hata is a place which serves traditional, homemade food. It is often very crowded here at lunch time. A wide choice of dishes. You can create yor own breakfast/lunch/dinner and then pay for it. You can find here everything: meat, fish, dumplings, soups, salads, desserts, beverages. Everything which is Ukranian. For 2 poultry chops, 2 portions of buckwheat, 2 salads, a portion of braised vegetables, dumplings with cherries, 2 cakes, 2 beverages we paid 40 zl. How to get to

  9. Celentano, is a typically Italian restaurants serving pizza and salads, however, preserved is Ukranian style: you can order with pizza a shot of vodka. For pizza, a salad, a shake and tea we paid 28zl. How to get to

Accommodation: a day before arrival we had booked a flat through We had been looking for a place near the city center, suitable for 3 people. We wanted to have 2 seperate bedrooms. We rented the flat for 700zl for 4 nights, which amounts to 230zl per person. Nevertheless, I can tell you that it is possibile to find really cheap accommodation. If you register at, using this link, you will get 50% discount for your booking and I will get a small commission :)

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