The vacations on Bali have been exciting for us for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has been the first time we flew to Indonesia. Until that time, we had known Bali from the experiences of our friends. For us, the trip to Indonesia will always remain ‘’exceptional”, for the simple fact of spending there our honeymoon.


Indonesia is an insular country, consisting of around 20 000 islands. Geographic location influences the changeability of the weather. Thus, on one of the islands, it can be sunny and summer like, while on the neighbouring one, it can be wet.Tthe weather on Bali is very changeable. The best season on Bali is from July to October. During these seasons it is dry with the fewest chances of rain. However, since Bali is an island, it may happen that, even in the ‘’best season’’, it may rain. We have experienced it firsthand :) We have driven around the whole island. For a few days, we stayed in the south, i.e. Nusa Dua, famous for long, wide and sandy beaches. Nusa Dua is a very popular destination among wealthy Japanese people, who pay a lot of attention to esthetics and calmness. One day, we rented a motor scooter. On Bali, you have to driver on the left, which has made the whole experience even more exciting :)


We set off from Nusa Dua to Ubud (around two-hour drive on the motor scooter, one way). We went toMonkey Forest. Getting in contact with monkeys being ‘’on the loose’’was undeniably amazing experience. While entering the reserve, you have to take into account the fact that it is inhabited by monkeys, so you are the one who has to adjust to their rules. Hence, it is better to remove your glasses, button up your pockets or bags. For this trip, we bought some bananas. The monkeys are very curious and they aren’t afraid of people. Feeding a monkey, who has chosen to climb up and sit on your arm, is something worth trying out.

bali temple

scooter on bal

monkeys on bali

monkey forest bali

Another place, which we found impressive, was Bali Bird Park. The place is inhabited by the most interesting and exotic bird species. I have never suspected that birds can be so communicative and that they, for example, like to be massaged :)

bali monkeys

monkey bali

bali bird park

For a few days, we stayed in the central part of Bali, along the hills overgrown by jungle. Our house, which was partially glazed, was covered with wild jungle, which was really impressive.

birds bali

What we found also interesting was the fact that, while we were living in the jungle, the weather was very changeable. It could rain heavily, whereas it was sunny on the coast. For this reason, we encourage you to go to the jungle for 1-2 days, even in the dry season.

birds on bali

bali jungle

jungle on bali

The most famous place for tourists on Bali is Kuta- the most popular place for surfers. Wide beach and huge waves are a dream come true for the water sports fans. What I disliked about this place, was that you can’t experience Indonesian culture and atmoshere. With the hustle and bustle of restaurants serving western food and shops like ‘’Zara’’, the atmosphere of Indonesia is lost.

jungle bali

jungle bali

Totally opposite vibe is found on the neighbouring island Gili Trawangan. Gili is famous for eternally cyan water, turtles swimming near the coastline, sandy beach and cloudless sky. The best way to get to Gili Trawagan is by boat. The cruise from Bali to Gili Trawagan takes about 1,5h. I associated Gili Trawagan with the island from the „bounty’’ chocolate bar commercial. It is the best place for those who love good food and crystal clear ocean. Those few days on the island were the most pleasent ones.

kuta bali

bali kuta

gili trawangan

Balinese people mosty live off agriculture and tourism. Rice paddies, coconut trees, banana trees, cacao trees, plantations of coffe- are the main domain of Bali.

turtles gili trawangan

gili trawangan indonesia

Indonesian, tropical fruit are incredibly good. Almost everyday, we drank fresh juices from mango, papaya, pineapple or coconut milk. It was possibile to buy a coconut almost everywhere and the fruit was cut fresh on demand.

coffe bali

Salak, also known as ‘’snake fruit’’ has a very interesting taste. It is covered with a skin similar to snake’s skin.

cocoa bali

coconut bali

A popular Indonesian delicacy is Rujak. These are different fruit with chilli and peanut dip (you can see in the video:))Indonesians taking a break at midday and having rujak was a pretty common sight, as well as selling it near the road, wrapped in paper.

salak tree

Rice is quite a dominant ingredient in Indonesian cuisine. The way it can be flavoured is incredible. At luch time it is popular to dine in ‘’warung’’ . It is a local brasserie, which is known for serving one type of a dish. Obviously, typical restaurants are also popular, however, mostly among tourists and rich Balinese people.

selling food in the street

Indonesians love spices.

nasi goreng

chilli bali

Chilli, ginger, kafir leaves (lime), turmeric- are common spices in traditional dishes.

bali spices

spring rolls

egg plant




Apart from nature, beautiful landscape and delicious food, I feel I should say a bit about Balinese people. I have come arcoss the opinion that their mentality is for us, people from the West, quite ‘’hard’’. However, after our stay , I completely disagree with that. Quite the opposite!Balinese people are one of the kindest ones. They are filled with goodness and calmness. They believe in karma, Hus, offering selfless help is very common. Bali is described as an island of temples. The dominant religion is Hindu, according to which, there should be a small shrine in every house for common prayers. Small bamboo baskets found on the pavements, filled with flowers and food, are the element of their religous practice.

bali food

bali religion

I’m sure that soon, we will be able to visit Indonesia again. I’m tempted to stay there even longer… :)

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